3rd January 2020 – Finlay’s First Bunker

During the month of June 2019 we welcomed our new Apprentice Greenkeeper to the team, Finlay Hyder. Finlay joined the team following the completion of his GCSE exams and recently celebrated his 17th birthday. Finlay has fitted in brilliantly with the team, embracing all the challenges thrown his way. He was recently tasked with building his first revetted bunker, under the supervision of Assistant Greenkeeper Tristan Martin.

A number of bunkers around the golf course have been earmarked for renovation as part of the teams winter maintenance program. The duo were assigned the job of rebuilding the smallest of three greenside bunkers on the 13th hole, highlighted below.


The revetted bunkers at Royal Cinque Ports are built to the highest possible standards, with the stepped turf wall constructed at a 65-degree angle. Finlay was guided through all elements of the construction process. He learnt how to laser level the bunker base, shape the bunker, backfill and taper the stacked turf edges to blend in with the surrounding topography.


Reconstruction of the revetted wall was finished in just under 2 days. Finlay is pictured below, standing proudly in his first creation.


All that remains to do once the wall has been constructed is to re-turf the bunker rim. Turf is harvested from various sites at Royal Cinque Ports. Using our own, homegrown turf maximises the chances of successful establishment as it is already preconditioned to the environmental stresses of the site.


The bunker will be reopened for play once the sand levels have been reinstated. Well done Fin, the first of many!