11th February 2019 -Pitchmarks And Damage

Each morning the Greenstaff repair hundreds of pitchmarks, this is very time consuming and is preventing us from finishing our winter projects of which there is still a lot to do. When a pitchmark is not repaired properly, the result is a dead area the size of a golf ball.

Capture.PNG1This morning pin flags were inserted in to the 4th green where the pitchmarks were. The back half of the green was highlighted because we ran out of pin flags!


Can we please take extra special care, especially in foursomes, remember to repair your own pitchmark and a few others. What is more upsetting is the number of shallow divots taken out of the greens especially near the holes. More than likely to be a swipe at a ball with a putter after a missed putt. There were 4 last week that have now been repaired.

The Greenstaff work tirelessly to produce surfaces that the club spend a great deal of money on and it is extremely demoralising when we have to stop project work to return to fix pithcmarks and divots in greens.

Andrew Reynolds is giving away free pitchmark repairers which can be found on the counter in the proshop. Many thanks.