20th June 2017 – Enhanced Flora and Grasses After Rough Refinment

We are now starting to see some fantastic results following last Winter’s burning, cutting & collecting and chemical controls on unwanted grasses. Because of the unprecedented dry Spring and Summer, these areas have taken a little bit longer to come back, it seems after one nights rain where we received around 30mm the rough jumped up, along with it examples of the kind of species we are looking to encourage on these dune lands.

Purple Pyramidal Orchids can now be found in abundance in the low lying area of the 4th. Traffic through this area is discouraged in order to encourage more of these beautiful rare flowers.


Another interesting area between 10 and 11 has been colonised with sea couch grass, last year this area was thick in unattractive grasses that often lay flat with heavy growth at the base, these new sea couches wave in the wind and offer an entire new look to the border of the hole, balls can now also be found in here which is just as important.




Another major improvement is the abundance of Lady’s Bedstraw around the course, This yellow dune wild flower now frames many holes. This wildflower is a sign that the grasslands are returning to more of a dune land which is exactly what we are after.




15th June 2017 – Flat Raking Bunkers

Every now and then the edges of the bunkers are flat raked to re introduce the bowl shape which encourages the ball to roll to the center. Wind constantly blows sand around the base, this creates a lot of work, shovelling and raking sand around to return the desired links shape. Before the Final Open Qualifying the bunkers will be checked for sand firmness and roughed up if needed, any grass returning to the faces will be burned off and small weeds and stones removed. A great deal of time is used up on bunkers as we feel that at Royal Cinque Ports they are a stand out feature of the course.


9th June 2017 – Greig Easton Moves on

After 2 fantastic years at the club, Deputy Course Manager Greig Easton leaves today to take up the position of Course Manager at Hayling Golf Club.

Greig has played a huge part over the last few years in the successful running of the golf course and green keeping team and the development of the course, he will be dearly missed. His attitude to work, love for the course and rapour with the team was incredible and we are all hugely grateful for the effort he has put in.

Below is a picture from one of Greig’s last days that sums up his personality. Like all the staff at RCP, Greig’s arch enemy was the ‘dyke pump’. needless to say the dyke pump had the last laugh!


First Assistant Lee Campany will be taking over the role, Lee has a wealth of experience and plays a pivotal role in the running of the golf course.

Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club and all of the Greenstaff wish Greig and his family all the very best in their new venture.