20th November 2016 – Sharp Rush Damage

Sadly about a month ago the large sharp rush which is a prominent feature on the 1st hole was badly damaged by an unknown agency (most probably vandalism). The rush has really struggled to survive since and after some expert advice from the BIGGA Sustainability Executive,  we will be cutting back the remainder of the rush in the hope that it grows back to full strength. The worst case scenario would mean it would have to be removed completely which would be a terrible shame.


16th November 2016 – Conference Presentations On RCP

On the 16th and 17th of November, Course Manager James talked at the BIGGA South West conference at Somerset Cricket Club and then the BIGGA South East conference at Surrey Downs Golf Club. The conferences were well attended each day by around 150 Greenkeepers, industry experts and representatives. Other speakers included soil micro biologists, ecologists and fellow Greenkeepers. Someone who was particularly interesting was Keith Kent who is the head groundsman at Twickenham, a very enthusiastic and inspiring experienced individual who had a fantastic story to tell.

James’s talk was entitled ‘Les Cinque Ps ‘and was an adaptation of the well known 5 Ps of management into a talk on Royal Cinque Ports on the following subject headings: Past, Planning, Performance, Presentation and Progression.

James may be presenting this talk in the future at the club for the members.


14th November 2016 – New Shape Bunker On 3rd Fairway

The bunker on the right hand side of the 3rd fairway is in need of some TLC to bring it up to speed with some of the more interesting bunkers on the course. It was also blind from the tee so the Greenstaff were looking forward to getting their teeth in to this project and making it more original and interesting.


The decision was taken to completely renovate and re design, the introduction of some nice flowing lines and curves would make it more aesthetically pleasing. It took 3 staff 3 days to complete the work from start to finish. The bunker is now more elongated which means golfers will be able to reach the second part of the fairway should they end up in the back portion of the bunker. Although the face looks more intimidating it is not far from the original angle of the old turfed bank. Thin rough will be allowed to grow around the tops and the side now to give it the more natural look.


14th November 2016 -Rescue Work 5 Weeks In.

The photo below is the extent of the recovery after 5 weeks. Some high traffic areas have struggled and may have to be overseeded with bentgrass in the spring but this is not a problem, the work has been a great success and foliar feeds of seeweed and hard nitrogen will push them on further. Please look at the photos from the last blog post to see the progression.


1st November 2016 – Rescue On Approaches Update

The above picture was taken 3 weeks after the Rescue application on the 8th approach. Much of the brown grass is good grass which has been stressed by the chemical but not killed. The picture below shows the same area a week later, it is now easy to see that the recovery has started. any day now there will be new seedlings pushing through from overseeding 3 weeks ago. More photos will be posted as further progress is made.


This is a close up of the cleaning out process on the 16th approach.


And on the 13th approach. We can also see Rescue on the rough in the back ground starting to work nicely.