26th October 2016 – 23 Days After Rescue

The Chipping Green and surround are now 23 days into their Graminicide treatment. The chemical has worked nicely cleaning out all of the unwanted grasses. We can see that there is a definite difference in turf quality between the green and the surrounding area which is testament to all of the work carried out on the green in the last few years. There is a long way to go to get 100% recovery but this is a great start. New seed from overseeding work carried out around 14 days ago should be coming through in the next week or so. Then it is just a case of nursing this area back to full health with new quality grasses.

The tees on the course are at the same stage as this and it is surprising how little damage the chemical has done which shows they were actually reasonably clean. There are areas however that need to fill in so lets hope November is kind and gives us some warmth.


20th October 2016 – Bunker Maintenance

Revetted bunkers take a lot of work to look and play as good as they do. Wind blows the sand around the bottom of the bunker and up the face. Weeds encroach and too much sand build up can mean a loss in the brick like effect we get when revetting bunkers. This week the Greenstaff have been working on some of the more tired looking bunkers and bringing them back to life.

Here we have apprentice Chris Clark sweeping the sand from the face before he spends more time on each row revealing the ‘brick work’.

There has been a lot of talk in our industry of late about building these bunkers with astro turf instead of turf to create the same effect. There are two great sides to the debate however we feel here that a traditional links course such as Royal Cinque Ports should haveĀ ‘in play’features made from the land. We have a responsibility to carry on the natural feel and this winter we will be refurbishing around a dozen bunkers, the two fairway bunkers on the 9th will be particularly interesting with a change in style altogether, watch this space with work beginning after the Lord Reading in November.

I do however feel that the practice area bunkers would benefit from astro turf revetted bunkers for durability reasons and we are considering this as an option for 2017.