29th June 2016 – Final Open Qualifying Photos

The early mornings around FOQ brought with it some stunning sunrises. The photograph below was taken by Graeme Roberts on an iphone with some light photoshopping.

Click on the link to see all of the other photos from the week running up to FOQ and the event itself.



28th June 2016 – Final Open Qualifying Support Team

Another year passes and another successful FOQ. This year the course played a little longer, greens ran at 10′ on the stimp and were a touch softer due to weather conditions leading up to the competition. There were no problems through out the event thanks to a fantastic support team pictured here to the left of James and Stevie in black

From left to right:

Gareth Roberts (Hankley Common), Graeme Roberts (Camberely Heath), Dan Lightfoot (Syngenta),Darren Burton (lydd), John Mcloughlin (Warrington), Ryan Hyder (Tacit), Lee Sayers (Mid Kent), Jake Austin (Hankley Common), Wes Lenihan (Ealing), Fraser Peacock (Thornhill, Scotland), Missing from the photo is the legendary Lars Knutson from Ljunghusen, Sweden.

These men put in so much effort to get here and when here helped the entire RCP team with polishing up the course to produce something quite spectacular, thank you so much from myself, the club and the entire membership at RCP, some new friends were made and more great things will come of this in the future.



10th June 2016 – Electric and Telecoms Installation

In order to avoid and cables lying across the roads during Tournaments or Marquee functions, the decision was taken by the club and the R&A to bury the cables under ground. There are now points in front of the pro shop, at the back of the range tee and in the middle of the car park lawn. At very short notice Asphalt Driveways of Deal did a quick and fantastic job of the installation along with Groombridge and White Cliffs electricians. This was all carried out in time for Final Open Qualifying.


5th June 2016 – 8th Approach Improvement

For many years this area has struggled, through out the entire course this has to be one of the biggest and most noticeable improvements. Applications of wetting agents, nitrogen and seaweed have encouraged growth and reduced stress. The height of cut there for has been lowered as a result of improved health. As a result balls will be gathered into the bunkers, links golf was intended to be played like this. The biggest factor in recent sward improvement here was a product from Headland, Multigreen 28-3-15 which is a 5 month slow release fertiliser.


2nd June 2016 – New Vehicle Lift Installed

As part of the Bernhard’s Grinders deal the club purchased a new vehicle lift. With machines requiring checks after every cut this will save a lot of time as units can be left on the machine without the need to remove them to check height and quality of cut, Machinery servicing such as oil and filter changes will now be easier and safer. With so many machines on ┬ástrict maintenance schedules we will be able to make sure they are looked after, saving time and money in the long term.