27th April 2016 – Spring Overseeding

In order to encourage the fescue population in the greens surfaces it is essential that we keep pushing seed in. In the Autumn the seed is drilled with the Vredo overseeder, however with dry months ahead the best technique at this time of year is to dimple the seed in through small holes as opposed to drill lines that will potentially open back up when the surfaces get drier.

The video below shows the machine working in slow motion. A roller covered in small spikes makes holes for seed to be dropped into. a second row of spikes pushes seed into soil contact as well as making more holes, finally a brush and drag mat help more seed into these holes. Any seed that is left on the surface is wasted seed and will not grow, however there is not a machine on the market that guarantees every seed ends up in a hole. After this process there was a great deal of seed in the holes and I am confident there will be a great strike if the greens are kept at an optimum moisture.

This trial has taken place on the putting and chipping green and will carry on through the rest of the course in the coming weeks. Greens are rolled and  lightly topdressed afterwards to cover the seed in the holes and return to a smooth surface.

25th April 2016 – New Grinders Arrive

Today was one of the most anticipated days of the last few years  when the new grinders arrived. The club has been on the waiting list since last year and have agreed to invest in such an important set of machines.

The Anglemaster 4000 is a bedknife grinder  and the Express Dual 4000 grinds the cutting reels. we have a total of 10 fairway units 12 greens and tees units and 4 pedestrian units. The cost and inconvenience of sending these cutting units away to be sharpened through out the year convinced us to invest in our own. They will last over 20 years and should start paying for themselves after three or four years.

There are so many benefits to grinding. On the subject of plant health, an example; when human skin is cut with a rusty rugged knife there’s a chance the cut will take longer to heal and may become infected. It is the same with grass, a clean cut ensures the plant recovers healthily. Ball roll is also affected should cutting units be blunt, balls tend to bounce rather than roll. As I have mentioned before, sand is the key to maintaining a firm, fast, smooth and healthy putting surface, thanks to these grinders we can apply more sand while maintaining cut quality as sand and cutting units don’t agree with each other!

Myself and the club have a fantastic relationship with Bernhards. The staff can not do enough to help and the training and support facilities are second to none.They have offered extra support at any large competitions we have in the future which is itself invaluable.

Once again the club has invested well and the Greenstaff are all excited about this huge step forward.


3rd April 2016 – Drone Filming


This evening the Course Manager from lydd Golf Club, Darren Burton came down to film James and Greig as they brushed and cut the greens. The footage was incredible and more will be compiled over the summer months to make a film for the club. The colours and shadows in the evenings are incredible and the drone gives a whole new perspective. During Final Open Qualifying Darren will return to do some more filming and James Bledge will don his editing hat. Drones are not only a great way of marketing and showing off our links but can also be used to survey the golf course and make training videos.