22nd March 2016 – Tees Brushed And Cut

In preparation for Easter weekend and the Halford Hewitt the tees were given a Terra Brush and  hand cut to step up presentation. The Terra Brush removed dead material (please see next blog entry) and stood the grass up ready for cutting. The  hand cutting itself is very labour intensive but well worth it when this is the result. These stripes will be followed again and again so they stand out, we call this ‘burning in’. All stripes point in the direction of play.


22nd March 2016 – Overseeding On Rescued Areas

There are signs that a good spell of growth is just round the corner, Yesterday we took advantage of this by getting some seed in all of the areas that were sprayed with Rescue. Fescue was sewn at 13g/sqm and drilled to a depth of around 10mm. With a great deal of undesirable grasses dying off it is important to rejuvenate the roughs with fescue grasses. This will take a few years however we are confident that the roughs will be thin and whispy and not responsible for lost balls and ruined rounds!


The area to the right of the 1st hole was always one of the thickest and most productive areas of rough on the course. Rescue work is now evident with all of the undesirable grasses turning orange before they wilt away entirely. IMG_1230

17th March 2016 – 6th Path Renovation

The area between the yellow tees on the 6th hole is heavily used by golfers and greenstaff. Whilst installing the irrigation to the black tee a line of sprinklers was installed at the side of the path. The area was leveled and turf was taken from the new turf nursey before mats were laid. The picture was taken around 2 weeks after completion and there is a considerable amount of growth through already.The area has been roped off to ensure the mats are not displaced.


6th March 2016 – Greens Sward

We are starting to come out of winter soon and the greens are in decent shape. There is a small amount of winter moss that can been seen in this photograph however this isn’t really concerning as it will grow out. Iron applications have checked a larger invasion and we can do more to ensure we get less moss in future

“Sand sand and more sand”

This will keep our greens as dry as possible through out the moist winter months and keep undesirables such as moss and pearlwort away. We have managed to apply 22 tons of sand so far this year so we are off to a good start, the next application will be in April.