23rd September 2015 – Seagull Damage On 18th Green

For some unknown reason, seagulls have occupied the 18th green only around this time of year. There is no obvious reason to why this green is any different to any other. The seagull excrement burns the grass and the area around is left lush with any nitrogen released.

A owl scarecrow has been appointed to stand over the green and keep the green free from seagulls. We have also errected a hawk kite which has been very successful in the past.

Oli the Owl

September 21st 2015 – Graminicide On Selected Tees

Ryegrass in the wrong places on the Royal Cinque Ports links are a small problem that can be overcome with the use of a Graminicide. A Graminicide is a chemical that kills unwanted grass, in this case a heavy strain of Ryegrass that has invaded the 2nd Black tee.

The picture below is the result a week after. The tee has been over seeded at 21g/m2 so hopefully by the time the rye patches are completely dead new seed should be germinating.There are also a few trial plots on the 4th green and the front of the 4th tee.

2nd tee

September 19th 2015- Pitchmarks (Video link)

The greens are a little softer than usual due to excessive rain over the last week and as a result there appears to be a lot of pitchmarks going un-noticed. It is extremely important that the golfers check the greens for pitchmarks and repair them properly.

Below is a link to an excellent video from a fantastic Course Manager in Sweden explaining different types of pitchmark and how to repair them, The green staff would be grateful if everyone repaired pitchforks even if they are not theirs!

Thank you