1st July 2015 – FOQ Photos


Below is a link to Course Manager James Bledge’s web page that contains all of his photographs he has taken. Most recently the Final Open Qualifying photos have been added. Please feel free to have a look and download any that you wish to keep. Photos from this years Halford Hewitt and the 2013 Amateur Championships can also be found as well as an extensive set of Ryder Cup photos.

Please click this link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/75427905@N08/albums

30th July 2015 – Volunteers


We were lucky enough to be joined by 7 volunteers. This enabled us to carry out more cutting which gave the course a fantastic shine. We were able to complete more of the attention to detail jobs as well as be on stand by for any additional jobs that the R&A would request. From left to right:

Wes Lenihan (Ealing GC)

John McLoughlin (Warrington GC)

Van Rotherham (RCPGC)

Lloyd Wright (RCPGC)

Keith Pooley (RCPGC)

Greig Easton (RCPGC)

James Bledge (RCPGC)

Lee Campany (RCPGC)

Oli Hook ( RCPGC)

Douglas Sutherland (gWest)

Fraser Peacock (Thornhill Blacknest)

Alexander Berntsson (Alesunds GK, Norway)

Ryan Burton (West Sussex)

The volunteers not only added some great support but they provided a great opportunity for our staff to feed from their experiences. Some new friends have been made and we very much look forward to welcoming them all back next year.

30th June 2015 – FOQ Greens Stats.


With temperatures reaching 32C on the days leading up to the competition the greens were drying out fast. The R&A recommend that the greens reach speeds of no more than 10ft 6″. The decision was made to keep moisture levels low (averaging around 10%) in order to maintain speeds through out the day. Cutting and rolling took place in the evening and and the morning which ensured we hit speed targets. Since the competition we have irrigated and natural rain fall has brought levels nearer the 20% mark which means the greens will be less firm and a little slower. It is said the optimum moisture levels are around the high teens however we feel our greens perform best around 10-15%. The picture above shows beautiful links colour on greens.

30th June 2015 – Final Open Qualifying


The biggest competition in the Greenkeeper’s diary came and went without any hiccups. The weather was stunning and the course looked and played as well as we had all hoped. Above is a photo of the new back tee at 6. Five new back tees have been added since the club secured Final Open Qualifying and together they make the course a total of 7199 yards from the black tees. (had the back tee at 16 been used the course would measure 7245 yards) The Greenstaff very much look forward to next years event where we hope to present the course to a much higher standard.