4th May 2015 – BIGGA Photo Competition


Last year Course Manager James Bledge was runner up in the BIGGA (British and international golf greenkeepers association) photo competition. The time has come again and hopefully this year we can win with a picture from the course. This was taken after an evening of high winds at the start of April. It is difficult to take a photo that members may wonder what part of the course it has been taken from and where the photo is. See if you can hazard a guess!? please leave comments below. I shall reveal all in a month.


1st May 2015 – New Range Set Up


We have a world class range here at Royal Cinque Ports and some touches were required to raise the standard even higher. One of the stand out areas required were yardage indicators. Now there are colour coded posts. A key to the yardages can be found inside each bay and at the ball machine. Assistant Greenkeeper, Oli Hook made a fantastic chipping barrel which is guaranteed to improve anyone’s short game!

27th April 2015 – Roped Off Areas On Fairways And Tees


With the Final Open Qualifying now only a matter of a few months away it is important we save several areas on fairways and tees. The areas on fairways 3,6,15,16, and 17 are staked out with blue stakes and each area has a drop zone close by where the golfer can take a free drop with a preferred lie. We chose to use stakes instead of paint for these areas as we did not wish to see any visible paint lines during the competition.

Three tees have now been staked, roped and signed to indicate that no play whatsoever should take place in these areas. There is enough room in front of the ropes for ties that are to be played from white plates to take place. The tees in question are 4,8 and 14.

5th April 2015 – Seed Germination On Range Tee


After a Winter of heavy use, the range tee is looking very tired. Soil temperatures were below optimum for germination however with our new cultivar of Dwarf Ryegrass we achieved germination in less than a week. Above is a picture taken on the range tee with a microscope showing new seedlings ‘popping’. Below is a photo of the seed lines. We use this type of grass on the range tee because of its ability to re-generate and provide us with a surface faster than any other grass. It has allowed golfers the chance to play off a grass tee 12 months of the year. The tee is also now being mown at fairway height as opposed to tee height to make it a little easier to play from.