July 28th 2014 – Crow Damage


Over the past two weeks, fairways 9 & 11 have been heavily damaged by crows. The dry conditions have led them to believe there are insect grubs present as the surface resembled insect damage when it dried out.

As well as spraying an Insecticide, other actions were taken to keep damage to a minimum. A hawk kite attached to an 8 metre pole acts as a scarecrow. The kite will be flown alternately between the two fairways as far away from play as possible.

The worst areas will be topdressed to fill holes left by the birds and the whole fairway seeded in late August/September.

July 20th 2014 – Greens Turf Disorder


The discolouration of the Yorkshire Fog on greens is due to a phenomenon called etiolated tiller syndrome. This presents itself similarly to grass growing in low light conditions as the very apparent colour change stems from a lack of Chlorophyll in the plant.

The disorder is frequently seen in summer when we have high temperatures coupled with periods of heavy rain. This season has also seen a change in fertiliser and by using Ammonium the uptake of Magnesium has been restricted. Magnesium is essential for optimal chlorophyll production within the plant and through the times of stress recently the turf has become slightly deficient.

We have recently sprayed Holster to eradicate the Pearlwort present on some greens and this further stressed the Yorkshire Fog making the colour change very noticeable within a few days of the herbicide application.

We have applied a light foliar feed to the greens consisting of Sulphate of Ammonia, Magnesium Sulphate and seaweed concentrate. The colour should return to the turf in a few days and the only lasting effect could be that the Yorkshire Fog has its wear tolerance reduced. This is the main grass we wish to eradicate however and to have it struggling when we overseed greens with Fescue could ultimately prove beneficial.