15th February 2014 – Course Flooding

15th February 2014 - Course Flooding

Following the sustained high level of rainfall the course continues to hold a large amount of water. Although beginning to lower, the water table remains very high, as this reduces we will be able to take more action to clear the large areas of standing water.

In spite of this, the course has remained open with 15 playable holes – water off the blue 11th tee is around 1 metre deep and has forced the closure of the 10, 11, 12 loop. Holes 1 and 3 are on temporary greens whilst holes 2 and 3 have been shortened due to surface water around the tees. There are several flooded fairways and many of the bunkers are water logged.

Check the Club webpage for daily updates to the course status: http://www.royalcinqueports.com/links/