4th October 2013 – Overseeding

Work has started on another annual task with further sowing of Fescue seed into our greens. Given the success of the work last year we are aiming to put twice as much seed into the greens this year by double passing with the seeder. Although the work is being carried out at almost the same time, the temperatures are far higher this year so the seedlings should be visible sooner allowing them more time to harden up prior to the onset of winter.

We also have a few bags of a more salt tolerant Fescue to try on areas like the sea wall tees. They often struggle with salt spray damage and this should help to increase the cover of grass.

3rd October 2013 – Native Rough management

3rd October 2013 - Native Rough management

Early this year we took delivery of our flail collector and were able to cut and collect the long native rough around the 1st and 18th holes. We have recently repeated the process on these areas and have found the sward to be improved already. There are more desirable species present and the foliage is less dense giving the golfer a greater chance of finding a stray shot.

This work will be carried out annually with the very worst areas being sown with Fescue seed shortly afterwards.

The low lying area on the 4th has been completely cleared out which should give the native Orchids a chance to spread. The worst areas had the remainder of the rough seed spread and worked in, this has already germinated and will reduce the chance of weed ingress.

29th September 2013 – Tournament Support (Dunhill Cup)

29th September 2013 - Tournament Support (Dunhill Cup)

Two of our greenstaff recently travelled to Scotland to volunteer at the Dunhill Links Championship at Kingsbarns. For one, it was a chance to gain valuable experience and see how things are done at one of the country’s most prestigious courses, for the other, it was a trip home!

It was an enjoyable, busy week and the course was presented in fantastic condition for the tournament. Innes and his team should be proud of their efforts which keep the course at tournament standard every day of the year.