December 7th 2012 – Bunker Revetting

December 7th 2012 - Bunker Revetting

This month saw the start of bunker revetting on the course. 14 bunkers in total, including the large practice bunker, will be fully revetted over the winter months, with the remaining bunkers given new tops where necessary. The photo shows the green side bunker on the 2nd which took 2 days to complete. Revetting is a highly skilled task and takes a great deal of time to perfect.

December 3rd, 2012 – Clearing the dykes

December 3rd, 2012 - Clearing the dykes

Part of the Clubs higher land stewardship agreement with Natural England involves maintaining the dykes on the course. This week we started strimming the reeds in the 18th dyke before excavation to leave a percentage as open water. The photo shows the dyke after the reeds have been cleared giving an immediate improvement. These areas will be worked on in sections in a 3-5 year rotational plan allowing indigenous species time to establish.