11th February 2019 -Pitchmarks And Damage

Each morning the Greenstaff repair hundreds of pitchmarks, this is very time consuming and is preventing us from finishing our winter projects of which there is still a lot to do. When a pitchmark is not repaired properly, the result is a dead area the size of a golf ball.

Capture.PNG1This morning pin flags were inserted in to the 4th green where the pitchmarks were. The back half of the green was highlighted because we ran out of pin flags!


Can we please take extra special care, especially in foursomes, remember to repair your own pitchmark and a few others. What is more upsetting is the number of shallow divots taken out of the greens especially near the holes. More than likely to be a swipe at a ball with a putter after a missed putt. There were 4 last week that have now been repaired.

The Greenstaff work tirelessly to produce surfaces that the club spend a great deal of money on and it is extremely demoralising when we have to stop project work to return to fix pithcmarks and divots in greens.

Andrew Reynolds is giving away free pitchmark repairers which can be found on the counter in the proshop. Many thanks.


26th January 2019 – Flashback Video From FOQ 2016

Stumbled across this today, a fantastic old video from when Andrew Reynolds was just as handsome yet James Bledge looking younger, slimmer and less grey!

Scroll down to find the video on Royal Cinque Ports on the link below:


17th December 2018 – Birds On The Links

There is a fantastic variety of bird life flying around the links of Royal Cinque Ports. Last week bird watcher Nick Smith sent in some incredible photos , below is our resident short eared owl who can often be seen with his or hers partner, swooping in to the long roughs, hunting during daylight hours,

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-12 at 09.54.40


IMG_4938 Kestrel b


IMG_3671 WheatearIMG_9231 Wheatear

And a rare bird that has a huge presence during summer months when it nests in the long roughs.


IMG_8001 Skylark


3rd December 2018 – New Wetland

The club works closely with Natural England and The Environment Agency to maintain the dune lands which are situated on a SSSI site ( Site of special scientific interest). As part of our higher land stewardship agreement we need to undertake a certain amount of activities to preserve the land and create new habitat. Around 0.3ha of grassland has been lost with the new 3rd fairway but given back by the construction of the new dune on the right hand side of the hole using the translocated turf. The area where the new wetland is situated held no ecological value as it was an area of rank unkempt agricultural grasses. The area is now fenced off to prevent dogs and members of the public disturbing nesting areas when grasses grow up around the water.

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0136.JPGWetlands provide a refuge for a great wealth of wildlife, creating a food chain that supports aerial predators such as dragonflies and secretive birds such as the little egret, which stalk their prey in shallow water. In the height of summer when drought threatens, wetland can still support a great range of plants, attracting pollinating insects and providing cover for amphibians and reptiles, including frogs, newts and grass snakes. Phil Williams, Natural EnglandIMG_0267

This is a fantastic attraction now and we are confident that it will be a haven, especially for a fantastic variety of birds.